About Mari


Mari Uusitalo, CEO and Founder of Irresistible Communications,  is a bestselling author, coach, mentor and facilitator and a very passionate entrepreneur, who helps other entrepreneurs just starting out, being stuck or wanting to invigorate their current business.

Irresistible Communications is an online coaching and training company which supports women entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges of combining their family lives with owning and running their own business ; resulting in happier and more balanced family lives, greater success rates for business startups and improved rates of growth for established businesses. 

We offer

Business Coaching Services for women wanting to set up their life and business structures in a way that supports their whole family life, while helping women to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions and living their lives to their fullest potential.

We also offer a wide range of online courses specifically designed for the entrepreneurs who:

  • may be just starting out and are feeling unsure of where to concentrate their efforts first
  • have opened for business but are in the midst of a period of “being stuck” and feeling unable to move forward
  • although they are enjoying business success, feel uncertain about how to grow the business
  • are ready to transform and re-invigorate their current business.