Business Coaching

What is business coaching?

Business coaching in its purest form is a process where a coach helps a business owner utilise her knowledge and expand her awareness to reach her goals in business. The target in coaching is firmly on the future and moving forward. It is about problem-solving, and most of the focus is on strengths. The process is based on a client's ability to take personal responsibility for her situation. Coaching is not teaching, mentoring, facilitating, nor consulting.

Who am I to offer Business Coaching?

Recent years, the number of business coaches has exploded. Pretty much anyone can say they are a business coach and the reality of their work ends up being more like consulting based on any sliver of their entrepreneurial experience. Coaching itself doesn't require knowledge about the client's industry. However, successful business coaching does require actual business experience. Preferably in a good economy and bad. In the past 25 years, I accumulated my expertise in corporate communications in a public limited company, in business development and training design for an extensive network of big manufacturing companies and since 2009, running my own business. I have studied facilitating with a mentor since 2008. I learned my Coaching principals from a highly-skilled and experienced business coach with a background in psychotherapy. I began coaching in 2016. I am a Certified Business Coach. Also, I have certifications in Optimize coaching and Your Hidden Mind coaching.

Who is business coaching for?

Past 14 years, I have taught and coached women entrepreneurs to figure out their life purpose, create their business and help it off the ground. 

During this time, I have had only a few short periods I have myself been without a coach. My firm belief is that not one business owner should go through an entrepreneurial journey without a coach. One may think as they look at their little boutique or one-woman show or the beginning phase of their solopreneurship that they are not ready for business coaching or that it somehow is out of their reach. Let me tell you that is not the case. The sooner you get a coach, the less bad habits and mistakes you create in your business. Now that being said, coaching is not about avoiding mistakes. It is more about tapping into your highest potential.

Why do you need business coaching?

Business Coaching is essential in improving your business structures and processes to keep them lean and straightforward. You become confident in your decision-making and can reflect and base them on your chosen strategies. It helps you course correct when needed, and it demands you to become more focused on your aspirations. When alone, we complicate things. We tend to build barriers where there are none and hide from the actual hurdles. We get stuck on little things that could be figured out quickly if you have someone asking you the right questions and, yes, sometimes the hard questions too. 

What can you work on with your business coach?

You are the one in the driver's seat. You decide your goals and the extensiveness of your coaching package. However, before starting, we have a conversation where we look at your coachability, goals, and expectations to determine that we choose the right coaching package that aligns with your aim. 

Coaching is a process with a beginning and an end. You have goals, and the coach is there to help you achieve them. However, a good business coach can help you exceed your goals, aka hold a transformational space for you. There is a more private part of business coaching as well. You may have heard the saying, "When you grow - your business grows"? Transformational coaching is more focused on your growth-journey as your business grows. These transformations can happen in an instant. They defy time and space and are available for everyone at all times. When you are ready, they appear as if out of nowhere. They have been brewing inside you, and the high vibration in a safe coaching environment can bring them forth.

What happens if you need consulting too?

In the business coaching setting, there is always a presence of the business substance. If you choose your business coach wisely, her experience is not limited to coaching, but she also has extensive business experience. It allows the coaching to fluidly move between the realms of coaching, mentoring and consulting. To honour the coaching agreement you sign, we agree on this separately when the coaching begins.

Examples of topics that I have worked on with my clients:

  • Creating a business plan. 
  • Build a business from the ground up. 
  • Create a new brand.
  • Add another revenue stream. 
  • Digitalise a traditional business. 
  • Change a business model. 
  • Create a business strategy, marketing and communications strategy, 
  • Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Generation and Value Design Propositions, Internationalisation Strategy, Content strategies, 
  • Concepts and action plans, 
  • Websites and webshops
  • Magazines, magazine formats
  • Books, signature programs
  • Online courses, workshops, events
  • Set up processes and train staff
  • Facilitating change
  • Uplifting company culture
  • Group Coaching
  • Implement the strategy changes and inspiring staff

I have done a lot over the years. My question now is, how can I help you?