When YOU Grow, your Business Grows - Always!

When you grow - your business grows - always.

Anyone on the purpose-driven journey can tell you certain moments call for a conscious leap - up levelling if you will. I want you to take a closer look if it indeed is a time for you to uplevel.

Recently I have felt the restlessness in my soul. I have seen the same agony of standing on the ledge and not leaping with my clients. It seems to be sitting in the energy field with many of us. And chances are if you are reading this, you are in that same place too.

If you have seen me on social media lately, you know I have been walking. A lot. Like 32,6 km my personal best for the day on Sunday. I push my limits because I am going to walk 40 km per day for four following days in July. I was the person who thought 10 km was as much as I could do. Now 10 km walk is the length of the interval training end of my workday.

When you begin to grow in one area of your life: Other areas start to grow as well. The need to uplevel becomes more and more visible. So when I began my training, not long after I hired a VA to help me with certain things in my business. When you grow - your business grows - that always happens, without exception.

I was teaching my Entrepreneurial Success Stories course for beginner entrepreneurs ready to step into their life purpose, and I have quite strict rules how I communicate with the groups because, with a lot of people, it just doesn't work to be available all the time. So I set a quite tight boundary around that, but with one exception:

The moment you are hitting your terror barrier when being on the verge of a breakthrough. Then you can call me at any hour, and I will be there for you.

There are two things that my clients find great comfort in the time of need. At any time they can borrow my faith in them. I believe in them with my whole heart, and they would not be my clients if I didn't. And second, I will catch them when they fall. We all fall, one way or another. It is what happens after the fall that matters and I am there with you always.

Entrepreneurial journey works in cycles of continuous up levels. In this journey the focus of your uplevel is always in either one of these:

  1. You are figuring out the next uplevel.
  2. You know what your next step is and you are resisting it.

After the leap all that loses its meaning until your feet find the solid ground again. Until your next uplevel. You spend most of your time in this circle of growth. The speed in which you progress is solely up to you. Resisting only adds to the pain.

Wallace Wattles says in his book Science of Getting Rich:

"Train yourself to think of and to look upon the world as something which is becoming, which is growing; and to regard seeming evil as being only that which is undeveloped. Always speak in terms of advancement; to do otherwise is to deny your faith, and to deny your faith is to lose it."

And the same thing in the words of an American novelist William S. Burroughs: "When you stop growing you start dying."

If you remember that you are meant to grow and move forward it that is your natural state and if you then remember that any resisting that natural flow causes pain, you could be leapfrogging ahead today.

If you are still in the phase of figuring out your next step I have two options for you:

Free Business Assessment.

Free Clarity Session.

Cannot wait to speak with you. <3

Much love,

Mari x

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