Three dimensions of becoming immortal aka how to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur and leave a legacy in a process

When I took the leap and began my entrepreneurial journey, it felt like next natural step to take. See, I had two jobs, not one, but two. The other post was waiting for me until I knew which path to take, all the while I was still working the other one. I know, what a luxury problem to have, I thought so as well, until in three months I lost not one, but both jobs.

So I had two options. To start looking for a job or creating one for myself. Latter seemed so much more appealing. It felt like the exact opportunity I had been seeking. The right moment, like divine timing. And I was going to leap, all the while I was freaking out.

Six weeks in my entrepreneurial journey I was sitting having lunch with my mentor, who by the way was way younger (and cooler) than I, but felt like a father figure to me, just because he was so at ease with everything life tossed at him. So we are having lunch, and I say, I am amazed that I am still alive, but my stomach hurts nonstop now already for the sixth week. I am afraid, but somehow it still is okay. The earth didn't tilt, and we still have food on the table. Somehow life still carries on.

Today I describe that moment as being in the leap phase and waiting for a bridge to appear.

I had never been without a job, never thought that would be okay with not having a job. So my mentor's words to me were -repeatedly I might add - Mari, you got to trust the process.

He has this fantastic ability to be like a rock in the most vulnerable of situations. Back then he talked me off the ledge so many times that it is not even funny. He was there to witness my greatest entrepreneurial moment, which turned into the biggest financial downfalls that almost wiped out not only my business but my family finances as well.

I want you to get, that entrepreneurial journey is not what it appears to be on your social media feed. Really. So don't go around thinking that everyone has it figured out because they don't' not even close. We all figure it out as we go. You cannot compare your journey to anyone else's. It takes the time it takes to get your business on its feet. Then you go about it until you make a mistake - we all do that too. After the mistake, you spend time dealing with that and healing from that. Then you get a new wind blowing into your sail, and off you go again until something else happens.

It has moments of fantastic freedom and great wins, but it also has those dark moments that make you question everything. It is one of the most accurate measures of all the fears you have ever experienced, and it will pop them out on the surface without question and a fail. Every. Single. Time.

So you need tools and strategies to get you through that emotional rollercoaster. To set yourself up for success. To ensure you are in your right mind, able to serve the people who are counting on you.

The way I see it, it is three dimensional:
  1. Work within 
  2. Environment and relationships that surround you 
  3. The connection you have with your Divine and the Universe.

1. Up until recently, I thought the way to go was to feel the fear and do it anyway until I learned there is actually a way to let go of the fear as it gets triggered. So I studied to become a coach in the system called Your Hidden Mind, it is based in the brain science of memory reconsolidation, and it allows you to re-write the memories and beliefs held in your subconscious mind. This inner work you need to do is your personal growth journey. Every entrepreneur has this, whether they realise it or not.

2. Great Jim Rohn said you are an average of five people you spend most of your time with. Oh, boy was he right. Look around you. Who are you spending your time with? You have to surround yourself with the people who uplift you. If you spend your time with people who in their view have everything stacked up against them and they find the fault for everything that is wrong in their lives from outside of themselves, you know you are hanging with the wrong crowd and it is time for a change.
You need to find the advancing people, the people who are taking personal responsibility for their lives who bend the Universe into reality and spend their time in the creative plane - instead of the competitive plain. People you want to spend your time with are seeing life through the eyes of possibility, opportunity and abundance. Their life views are contagious, and they uplift you just by existing. And truth be told it makes your life so much more fun. And we need fun.

3. The third dimension is the one that catapults you to your future and is the actual key to becoming immortal. When you put your faith in something greater than yourself - you are no longer limited by yourself.
When you allow the divine interventions take place and guide you, you become more than you could ever imagine. Things that are impossible become possible, miracles take place on request, and you begin to look life through different eyes. Everything shifts and life becomes more than the sum of its parts. And you get to describe it in any way you want, but for me, it is as if everything gets sprinkled with the fairy dust.

For me, these three combined hold the keys to any success story that I look with admiration. These people do their inner work, they cultivate an environment that uplifts them, and they have faith in something greater than themselves. They become these people that live their lives in transcendence and leave their legacy for the generations to come. In doing so, they become immortal and eternal beings. And that my friend is something worth creating.

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