The Power of Simplicity in Business Coaching

You know, past ten years having my own business, I have struggled for both of us, I am sure. (You can read more about that from my book here.) It is time for me to help you take the easier, more pleasurable route.

For a while now I have been thinking about ways to simplify the coaching process for you so that it feels a bit lighter and easier.
Finally, the inspiration to activate the change came.

Last weekend I was at the Abraham Hicks seminar in Amsterdam. I have followed their work for a good 15 years - at least and this was my first live seminar. Afterwards, I felt like I lifted an iron cape off my shoulders. I also knew it was time to add some joy and happiness in my work. Not that it hasn't been there, but I just really have felt the need for some more fun.

What is simple coaching, you ask?

Well, it is simple. It is one that works on three fronts of your life and doesn't cost an arm and a leg and will give you results in all areas of your life within six months.

Why six months, you ask?

It takes time to get the changes implemented. However, you will feel the momentum beginning to build from the first session onwards.

The way we work is that we reach for the stars, begin to place desires in your vortex deliberately, and when you start to feel the emotional stretch or the resistance, we work on releasing the subconscious beliefs you hold and move the focus on the positive aspects in all three main areas of your life.

What are the three areas, you ask?

  1. Your energy and well-being
  2. Your love and relationships
  3. Your work and life purpose

I am not here to fix you, because you are perfect as you are.
I am here to bring joy and pleasure to your journey. Help you move forward when the momentum begins to slow down and catch you when you fall.

How are we doing this, you ask?

1. We shine a light on your physical and emotional well-being and changes you want to make, create a feasible plan and move forward, step by step at your own pace while you feel good already during the process.

2. We take a deep dive into your relationships the ones you have, the ones that require change and the ones you are longing to manifest in your life. We infuse your relationships with love and joy.

3. I support you in finding the purpose for your life - in the current moment. Not to get fixated on something for the rest of your life, but to find something that you find pleasure in right now and how that financially supports you as you go about it. When we touch something that feels like a mission of a lifetime, I help you get your purpose on its wings and keep you poised in the right direction.

What to do next, you ask?

Book a get-acquainted session from this link, and I'll take it from there. Changing your life is not difficult; it is not rocket science. It is life, and you are already doing it. When you want it to feel better and more fulfilling, we shall do that -together.

Cannot wait to speak with you. <3

Much love,
Mari xxx


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