Say yes to your most natural expression of your truth - there lies the origin of manifesting all your desires

I recently understood something about manifesting. I was watching this video which prompted me to journal about what to manifest in my life next. The instructions got to me.

It may be your dream car - but it really isn't. It may be a big ass house - but it really isn't that either. It is not a filled Mindset & Marketing group coaching even though that is where I feel the most sense of urgency currently. It is not what you think others might want you to manifest and specifically, is not what you feel obligated to manifest either.

Then what is it?

The journal prompt was:
What is the aligned next thing to bring forth into my life?

I began writing. The journaling entry was eye-opening.

As I sat down and summoned my writer archetype, I realised there is a deeper part of me, that in fact is not a writer - she is a deep thinker, and she expresses herself through writing.

So for you to get the shift that happened, you need to understand that all these years as I thought manifesting had worked for me quite well. However, I always have felt there is this gap to fill before getting to the manifesting place. It has frightened me all this time, and it has held me back from letting the Universe do the heavy lifting for me. So I would ask myself what would I like, what is the desire - and then affirming that with such vigilance, that forced it into existing. Often with the expense of other things important to me, my life and my peace of mind.

The big revelation to me was that with me, it all begins in my deeper thoughts, which then seek expression and that is when I feel them birth their way to my consciousness through writing.

I had never before seen my writing like that.

To me, to even be able to call myself a writer, meant I had to write. If I wasn't writing something meaningful like a book or an article or a blog post - that didn't count. However, if you look at my office, it is self-evident I am a writer. Everywhere you look is stacks of paper, scribbles and sentences, little phrases, stories, ideas and thoughts, inspiring words someone else has said written down on all kinds of pieces of paper. I am not a very organised writer, that is quite clear too. But nevertheless - I am a writer.

So this is where it got interesting. I am writing this journaling prompt - What is aligned next thing to bring forth into my life?

I am in full expectation of writing down the filling my Marketing & Mindset program. Nothing of the sort happens. I keep circling this idea of me being a writer, how everything begins with writing. That is where it all starts. I look at the words on the paper and all I see it saying It begins with writing.
And I still don't get it.

The exercise took me deeper. The same question again: What do I want to choose to bring forth next in my life?

I keep writing about the identity of a writer. Concepts like
The structured writer and the Ritual of writing emerge on the paper. The awareness of longing for solitude to able to connect with my deeper thinker, the exhilaration of seeing my words on a paper, my expansion happens as I write. How my words are my full expression of love and my truth. How they show the love for my life, for this world and the people who live in it. How life without writing would be suffocating and how out of everything I possibly can manifest, the thing I long the most is to have the time and space to write.

The third journal prompt feels like repetition, but I write it anyway.
What do I get to choose to bring forth into this life?

As I began to write the words, just get poured on the paper. I get to choose to be my unique self. There is this unique brilliance that resides in each one of us. And it means, that what others see you are good at, doesn't necessarily mean you need to be doing that. In fact, it may well be, that at some point the part that other's see as your great ability, you need to delegate that, to get closer to your true calling. It may be, that your unique brilliance is something more profound. Something that connects even more with your soul's calling, that anything that you have ever imagined before. And you need to stay open to that expansion.

I end the third journaling prompt with these words:

I get to choose to make space for my writing. Everything I ever create in this world gets birthed in my thoughts, that then summons the writer in me to express those thoughts through my writing. That is where my creative process begins. Everything begins with the words that hit the paper, every single day ever since I was able to write, right after I learned to read somewhere when I was less than four years old. I have never stopped writing. Ever.

To comprehend not one day has gone without me writing something blows my mind.

Next aligned manifestation in my life is to allow myself to live through the writer's identity. Everything I can possibly desire stems from there. Everything.

Boom. There it is. Answer within myself. It is always there.
Trust that.

Now it is your turn.

I want you to understand, that no matter what the circumstance in your life is, there is the deeper thinker in you, which seeks expression. It is up to you to figure out, what that expression for you is.

The place where everything begins.

See I am also a marketer, and this is what I know to be true about your marketing. Especially take note if you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

No matter whose marketing expertise you are counting on, content creation continues to be a pain in your arse, unless you figure out where your truth is born. Where your core message is formulated and what is the most natural expression for that truth to come out. That is where you need to begin. Nowhere else.

Now back to manifesting. So when you are seeking the next most aligned things for you to manifest into your life, understand, that in this manifestation process you get the tools to manifest. It is a journey, and you need to tap inside you for the next aligned thing. You find the route within yourself. Always.

Keep asking the questions, and you shall get the answers.
Every time.


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