Creating renaissance paper dolls - aka how I got to offer the weirdest marketing course out there

It is Friday morning, and I do, what I like to do in the morning, I write. Out of all the mornings, this one is a bit different, because it is a Black Friday morning and I have stayed in the enquiry of what is my offer for you this Black Friday. And all week, I got nothing — no spark of inspiration, no creative idea, not even a thought of what that could be until this morning. 

I got you covered so don't worry. 

(If you got to jump in to see what it is, I understand, but come back, because I want you to read what I am writing this morning.

Coupon Code: BFFBF50

The theme for me this autumn has been about my creative expression. It has taken me back to the times of my childhood when I got bullied for being a weirdo. I was always creating something. I could spend hours on end alone in my room creating. I was drawing, sowing, painting, I would even do dance choreographies  - and reading, reading, reading and yes of course writing. I would write everything from the short stories and diary entries to poems. If I were home alone, I would sing and play the piano to my heart's content. And then I had this thing with paper dolls. I would draw my own. The unique thing about them was that they were renaissance paper dolls, with the big dresses and wigs. And as if that wasn't enough I would create the blueprints and furniture layouts for their castles with the ballrooms and bedrooms and dressing rooms.

I had this fierce creative energy burning through my soul and time became meaningless. I can still recall the moments when I would be disturbed by a call to eat dinner or sister walking into my room. I was pulled away from whatever I was doing, and I had to return to the world of other people. I developed this ability to make the world disappear. One of my mom's favourite stories to share was about me every morning sitting on my bed eyes in a book and another leg in the stockings. She would need to rush me every five minutes and finally usher me out of the house or I would always be late and running for the bus.

The issue became, when I grew older, I was getting ridiculed over my hobbies. I wasn't a typical sporty kid, but I loved to dance - ballroom dances to be specific. (Yes I know.) The boy next door was my dance partner, and the bullying just got to be too much for him, and he quit dancing when we were entering the stage of going to competitions. I remember going back to the dance class probably twice before I stopped dancing too. 

Today, there are not many things I regret, but that I do regret. 

After letting go dancing I was signed up to do athletics like other kids on my street, but I hated every moment of it. I have pinpointed that to the moment where I began to stifle my self-expression. 

I was ridiculed to be me - and when I tried to be like others, the mocking and bullying got to be so much worse. 

So I channelled that creative energy and learned to become the cool kid. By the time I was in high school, I had stifled my self-expression completely and knew precisely how to make other people who tried anything "uncool" to feel wrong about their creativity. Yes. That was me. Talk about the envy I felt for those people staying true to their passions.

When I was a little girl I surely behaved like an introvert, but how did I grow to live my life like an extrovert? I suppose it is part of who I am today, so that too is a real me, yet there is this switch that needs to be flipped whenever I go from being by myself to being with others. I need to be interrupted to flip that switch.

This is what I learned. The more in-depth understanding of why you are the way you are will most surely help you in your business and life. When those memories get triggered, you are touching the core of what is holding you back. So my question to you is this: 

What is it that you would be creating in your business today if you channelled the person you were before you began to stifle your self-expression? Before you decided to conform and become like everyone else?

See the thing is, I am mediocre at best what comes to being like everyone else, I am extraordinary when I do me. 

I am at my best when I sit down with my coffee in the morning. 

This is how it goes down: I open my laptop and go into Write Room to shut out all distractions, I put my headphones on and my favourite song on repeat and turn on my Be focused -app for 25 minutes. Then I hit the keyboard and begin to write. 

In my writing, there are no marketing rules, not short easy to digest blog posts or SEO friendly titles just what is on my heart and writing that - to you.

So to connect this with where I started, the Black Friday offer I have for you, my brand new Marketing & Mindset program begins in January, and I am inviting you to join. 

Because there, we do something extraordinary - or weird - it depends how you look at it. :) We set up your marketing in a way that feels like those renaissance paper dolls feel to me. Special, unique and a most honest expression of who you truly are in your core. And when we go deep, the emotions get triggered, and I am there with you all the way.

We use setting up your marketing and innovating your content creation to bring about those hidden emotions, and we let them surface and then heal the hurt behind them.

I have never heard anyone doing this type of training - so it is indeed a testament to my weirdness. If it calls you, now you can share the expense with a friend, because this weekend all the way to the end of Cyber Monday for the price of one admission you get two.

Coupon Code: BFFBF50

Yup. just gave you the admission half price. So share this message with someone you know also is longing for fully expressing herself in her business. 

Just to keep it really simple, you both get to purchase your own, and shoot me the name of the person who you are sharing the BF-offer with.

Much love,


P.S. We have already begun the deep pre-work to prepare for the six-month journey, so when you enrol you both get to start the work right away.

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