Stop sabotaging your sales and start marketing from your heart

There was a time in my business that I could not close a sale to save my life. I would be in the sales conversation, and I would make it so difficult for myself and then for my client, that the sale just dried up. I would sit on the other end thinking what the hell just happened and the other person would sit on the other end wondering the same thing. Both had a will to work together, but it just really didn't take off. An unbelievable problem if you ask me: The ideal client, perfect match, yet no sale.

I have had my business for a decade, and over time I learned, there is a whole heap of other stuff that needs to happen before a person like me can close a sale. Seriously.

So the first valid question would the sales happen then?

These days I understand, and I have a system for it, and it indeed is an actual process in my business, but frankly, still today I find myself in sales conversations in the oddest of places and sometimes I only realise it after the sales conversation has already happened. Sometimes I learn only later that it was a referral, the client had decided to work with me before we even had a chat. That is the way most of my clients come to me, through another happy client, who has recommended me to them.

So I have learned to accept that as it happens even though it is not a sexy sales call or an elaborate launch campaign or me getting to feel like a proper salesperson.

My introverted ways I shared the other day has forced me to look for alternate solutions of getting clients. I had to figure out a way to do that, so I would not have that icky feeling of pushing and shoving.

For me, it is and always will be about people. I am highly aware of the people in my world, and I recognise my ideal client a mile away. I know who you are and I know what you think about - most of the time. It is that undeniable connection that we have when we have a conversation. Do you know why that is so easy to recognise you? Because you and I are alike. I am my ideal client. I always have been. The programs I offer always have a way to solve a problem I have experienced personally.

So the second question you ask me is what is that other stuff, that needs to take place?

I am glad you asked. :)

That is Marketing and Mindset Coaching Program.

I want you to get a solid foundation and beginning to your business. That is what I do. My purpose in life is to help your purpose on its wings. It is my mission, and I have dedicated my work to that for almost a decade now.

For Marketing & Mindset program I chose the exact things that you need and made them bite-size chunks, so you are not bogged down by overwhelm, but instead really clear on what it is that you are creating. It might well be the best thing I have ever offered.

The past decade I have handpicked mentors and coaches that I have wanted to study from always to find a solution for an actual issue I have had in my business. I have worked to up my skills to the next level. I wanted to be a coach already ten years ago. However, I never called myself one, because I didn't have the skillset to back it up back then, so I studied to become one. I wanted to learn what makes coaching different from mentoring or consulting or just handing out business advice.

I took my past experiences as a professional Content Creator, Editor In Chief and a Producer to create the most effortless way for you to define your core messages and the tools you are going to use to create your marketing content.

I took all that I had learned about online business and plugged out all the trickery and the gimmicks. I created a sensible foundation for your marketing so you can feel like you are doing enough and that you are enough and what you put out there is coming from your heart to support your calling, and you feel good about it.

I studied strategy tools, and picked the one that I felt is the absolute best for a purpose-driven woman entrepreneur, which btw is The Blue Ocean Strategy and you get to implement parts of that during the Marketing and Mindset Course.

I hired social media teachers and business coaches to understand how to run a business in the combination of the online and offline world and how to bring out the best from both worlds.

I searched and searched for the mindset tools that free you from the same fears I have experienced along my entrepreneurial journey. So I found you one from New Zealand, the one that changed my game completely. Again I learned more. I studied to become the first European coach ever to teach this Your Hidden Mind -system. I am such a big believer in it, that on Marketing & Mindset program you get six-month access to the system, I buy it for you. Then I buy another six months and give it to you as a gift because I see what the long-term benefits of using the system are.

I would not be where I am today without private coaching, so I have put that in the program for you too. We have our private sessions once a month and if that is not enough I have also integrated monthly reviews for you to be crystal clear on what the results you are creating both in business and in personal development. Metrics are transparent and measured every step of the way.

I cannot create the results for you, like everything in life, you get what you put in, but this I know for sure. Too often we take part in the programs that don't amount to anything. At first, we get excited, but as entrepreneurs - and quick starts - we quickly move to the next bright and shiny thing. I know this from my personal experience, so I want you to know, that the systems put in place are there, so you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

I wanted you to get a head start before we begin the six-month journey together, so I am right now teaching a weekly class where we prepare you for our six months together. We have already had sessions on how to start fresh by designing your burning day, how to identify those downward spiral feedback loops in different areas of your life and transform them into goals. When you enrol, you will get access to all those as well.

Creating this program, I have had moments of hesitation. Not about the content, but the organisation of the material, because I want you to be able to focus on the most relevant things that bring you the results you want.
I also know that the results you want are from inside you, not from me, so there is an element of personal responsibility involved. In the course of six months, you will find your entrepreneurial feet and discover the mindset of a leader. I want you to learn to switch hats on the fly to see your business from different points of views, so you develop a discernment around what is essential. That allows you to have a holistic understanding of your business and a complete picture of what it is you are creating.

I don't just put some stuff together and start selling it. I know what has worked for me, but I also beta-test everything to make sure it works for others as well. I ask for feedback, and I make changes accordingly. For this particular program, the beta-testing began back in June, and the in-depth conversations with the testers have improved it to the level I never imagined possible.

I am so proud of this program and if you feel the nudge to move forward to begin this journey with me, now is the time, because you can get started with just 250 euros. See now you can split the cost with a friend, because this weekend all the way to the end of Cyber Monday for the price of one admission you get two.

Coupon Code: BFFBF50

So share this message with someone you know also is longing for fully expressing herself in her business and wants to learn to market from her heart. 

Just to keep it really simple, you both get to purchase your own, and shoot me the name of the person who you are sharing the BF-offer with.

Much love,


P.S. We have already begun the deep pre-work to prepare for the six-month journey, so when you enrol you both get to start the work right away.


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