Small stories of not so small fears: How subtle the fear can be

You are sitting at your desk. Ploughing away and working. You have been working on something big, something that has taken time and effort - a brand new offer for your clients and you are ready to push the publish button.

You know it will change people's lives and not only that, but it is also profoundly personal. It is something that you know will change the lives of those who say yes to your offer.


When your hand is touching the publish button, you decide to reread your message. Few more tweaks and all is well. Your hand is back ready to hit publish. And the moment builds up. You feel the uneasy feeling of putting an offer out there, you don't want to be pushy. Then you decide once more to check that all the links work. Now. Now everything is in order and double- triple checked. You are once more ready to hit publish, the phone rings.


You sigh, pick up the phone and attend to what calls for your attention.

You didn't hit the publish at all. You let something else come in between you and posting your offer. Another day has gone, and you didn't get your offer out.

What is that about?

It wasn't about not having time to do that. It wasn't something more urgent coming up. It was fear running the show and manifesting itself into the act of self-sabotage.

What can be seen behind such a scenario?

This is a list what is probably going on:

  • Perfection Paralysis

  • Self-worth issues

  • Fear of rejection

  • Fear of visibility

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of not being good enough

  • Fear of criticism

The list goes on and on. Which one, when solved, is the key to unlock this unwanted behaviour is anybody's guess, because our experiences are so unique. However, this is what we know, EVERYONE experiences these fears. The difference in the well-being (and financial success) of Entrepreneurs is in their ability to tackle fears that come up.

How do you tackle yours?

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