My personal growth was ignited by my dad and Desiderata

As a little girl I heard Desiderata often.
It was my parent's daily personal growth practice.

If you are not familiar with it or you want to refresh the memory of it. 

Here is Desiderata to read or to listen.

When trying to pinpoint the moment when I became consciously aware of spiritual, personal growth I cannot say when it happened, I was probably 12 or 13 years old, when my dad had conversations with me that I recall deep and profound. They blew my mind, rocked my world and made me feel like I had access to the world that not many knew. It was always in the realm of infinite possibility, the neverending pursuit of happiness and creating the life you want to lead.

My father was an entrepreneur, and early on I made the connection between your personal and business growth. Whenever I would see business people my assumption always was that they were people with great insight, humility and eagerness to learn more, create more and always strive to become better as a person. In the photo is my dad & I celebrating his 40 years as an entrepreneur decoration. 

I had two primary reasons why I became an entrepreneur in the first place.

Firstly, it was a natural unfolding of events. Secondly, I couldn't say no to my inner calling anymore. It had been a few years earlier when I sat on a couch in my kitchen listening to a teleseminar middle of the night, and I suddenly got this awareness, that yes, I am going to be an entrepreneur.  After that, the more I said no to the inner fire I had - the more headwind I experienced. So I believe my entrepreneurial journey began long before I started my business. 

It happened like it always happened when facing the scariest of places in my life, I stall on the verge of leaping only to find out, that I had already leapt. It was also the case with starting my business. It had happened in my mind already, and then it was just this natural unfolding of events. 

I believe that there is a calling on our lives. This calling is in all of us, not just in some of us and the longer we stall, the more stingy we are with the gifts and talents so generously given to us. So life lets us know that. You experience discontentment, boredom, struggle, anxiety even anger. Deep down I believe, you know you are not answering your life's calling.

However, answering the calling - your purpose - don't remove the struggle altogether, but then you know that your battle is for a worthy cause - to serve this world. It is to make the world a better place, to be of service rather than just staying in the struggle of selfishly choosing the convenience and being stuck over your life purpose.

I want to explain that a little because it would be so easy to say that become a purpose-driven entrepreneur and there is no more struggle, but that is utter bullshit. I cannot say that. I have not encountered one entrepreneur in my life - and I have met many - who has not experienced struggle on their journey. To think otherwise would not be understanding life. 

I respect you far too much to paint the picture of the la la land. However, that being said, you are allowed to create a joyful life, exactly as you envision it for yourself yet that too is a journey of all things that belong in a one's life.

As an Entrepreneur, you have your own leap story. You know the one thing that tipped the scale and helped you make your decision, for me it was losing two jobs in a span of three months in a situation where I didn't feel I was ready (let alone had money) to do so. It just happened, unfolded and that was the natural path to take.


Everything else would have been walking away from my life purpose. When I leapt, I did what I knew to do, took my gifts and talents and began with what I got. It was more than a year down the road when I was taken on my knees and given the purpose that I have followed with everything I got ever since I began almost ten years ago. It is to help your purpose on its wings. That is it. 

I didn't ask the Universe what my purpose is. I asked how I am to contribute to the shift of the consciousness of 2012. It was shown to me, that my purpose was to facilitate the people's life purposes on their wings. I then began the work right away, and I had a download of the Entrepreneurial Success Stories -program, which became my signature program back in Finland.

Now my new Marketing & Mindset program was born similarly. See, we have too many women entrepreneurs in hiding, experiencing pain, anxiety, all kinds of fears that stop you from realising your dreams and stop you stepping into your life purpose. 

The way something purpose-driven is born, well, let's just say is not a casual process. I was not only shown the struggle of other entrepreneurs. I manifested my own struggles. A few years back I was at my wit's end and was retaken on my knees. I was ready to quit everything and to step away from my business. However, here is the thing. I had nowhere to step. I have no plan B, I have nothing to return to, or to go to back to. 

This is it. 

Every time I have tried to walk away from my life purpose, I have gotten pulled back by the Universe with such a force, that there is no question in my mind what I am meant to be doing.

So it took me a lot of learning and healing before I was ready to bring the new Marketing &  Mindset program to the light. Now that it has, I feel proud of it. I have put my heart and soul in it and jam-packed the program with things, which are not typical in the coaching industry such as an ability to measure your results, nor in the coaching programs in general such as having a private coaching package within the group program. Then I took it for a test spin with real-life entrepreneurs and tweaked it and made changes and now it is such an incredible program, that will be transforming women entrepreneurs' lives and businesses for years to come.

We begin in mid-January and have already started with the pre-work. You can find the details of the M&M program here

Much love,

P.S. It would be in great service of you and I and the Irresistible Communications community that we make sure we are a good match, so please book the call before enrolling. <3

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