Entrepreneurial Success Stories - mentorship

Entrepreneurial Success Stories - mentorship


My life mission is to help you to step into your life purpose. It is my divine privilege to share my knowledge in marketing and communications to help you take those first steps in creating your own success story.

Being an Entrepreneur is much more than just running a business. It is about creating yourself and committing to your vision. To pursue your dreams relentlessly, you need people around you, who believe in your and want to see you succeed. That is why I am here for you. We will create the shift in your life and you learn what it takes to heal and protect your entrepreneurial mindset while building your business.

Know this. ESS mentorship program is born out of my own desire to step into my life purpose. It is about holding a space for you, where you are supported, lifted up and where everyone believes in you and your ability to create something so unique and brilliant, that only you can create. - Your own and unique success story.

If this program is right choice for you, you know the answer in your heart already. Trust that the journey you are now embarking on will be transformational and it is here exactly at the right time for you.

You are not alone anymore.

It doesn’t matter if you have been spinning your wheels for years or you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey. The next step will always be forward and upward. I know being an entrepreneur can be lonely and even scary at times. The journey in front of you may feel daunting and it takes courage to move forward (Trust me, I know this first hand). It doesn’t need to be so.

Take a deep breath in and breath out.

Times of loneliness and scarcity are over.
You have been divinely guided and you have listened well.
You found your way to the right place, exactly at the right time.
This is the beginning. A new beginning for you.


Mentorship program is goal oriented and is designed for the advancing Entrepreneurs, therefore I will interview personally all the attendees before their application is approved.

This program is very personal and we will learn to know each other quite well. This is not like so many of the online courses out there, where you work alone. We are with you every step of the way. That is why it is important for you to speak with me and I can answer all your questions and we can then make the decision of your participation together.


With love,