Letter from Mari

Hello darling!

Have you ever met a person, whose life purpose is to give you a nudge, push or kick in the butt to help you step into yours? Now you have, nice to meet you. My name is Mari and I am a Coach, Communications Strategist and an Entrepreneur.

My most favourite thing to do in this world is to help you get clarity about your unique life purpose. Then take that purpose and help you make it a proper business. 

This is what I know for sure: Everyone has their unique skill set to fulfil their life purpose and be of service on this planet. World needs you more than ever now. There are so many people seeking what you are able to help people with. Back in a day, you helped people near you. Now people needing your help reach to find you from all over the world. 

See, like any other person in this world you are here for a special task. The job, no one else is equipped to do. And you might know what it is or you still might be in the process of discovering it, but rest assured it is there. Now it it up to to take the leap and start being of service.

Best thing about being of service is, that when helping one person, that help reaches and effects all aspects of that persons life and all the people in his life, family, friends, relatives and even colleagues. The ripple effect on that is infinite. That is how you change the world. And nothing brings me more joy that help you uplift the people you serve.


As I always remind my clients, if you want to see the change in your life or in your business, you are personally responsible for that change, if you do things the way you have always done them, it is more likely you get the same old results over and over again. So what will it be? New approach and new results? Are you ready?

Start here.

Talk to you soon,
much love,