About Coaching

One thing your Coach knows for sure: You have the solution

There is one basic principle to coaching, the one you may not realise if you have never been coached before. It is that a Coach believes you have the solution to your challenges. That is what makes coaching so powerful and in many cases, transformational. That is also the one thing I love about coaching the most.

During a Coaching process, we refine your ability to trust your strengths, and you become more aware of all your possibilities you begin to see the solutions instead of all the obstacles. When that happens, you automatically start to feel the personal responsibility to make the changes you need to make in your life, work or relationships.

In the core of this process lies your ability to grow. You move from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset. When you become more aware of yourself, your behaviours and your role in your life events, your persona grows, your abilities grow, and your talents evolve to the next level.

In coaching we pull wisdom from positive psychology, leadership research, neuroscience and cognitive psychology. We weave together the ancient stoic wisdom and the latest science and use that to bring out the best in you. In short, by working together, we find ways to fulfil your potential.

There is always a specific process for coaching. The results come in the direct proportion of your coachability, willingness to grow and ability to surrender to change. Therefore your Coach cannot promise you the results - she can only explain what the typical results are.