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The proud legacy of working harrrrrdd

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The proud legacy of working harrrrrdd

I see her work ethic passed through generations in my family, my father defying time and space with all the things he wants to get done, my sister, myself and now I even see some of that also in my children. My mother is cut from the same cloth, and even I married the man with that same programming.

We all have that inherited resilience where we refuse to let go of the thing that we have decided to accomplish. And we take pride in it. The harder it gets, the more significant and more accomplished we feel. The more pain it creates, the better we feel when we finish. Oh, how much glory I feel in my body as I write this. It gives me such a rush. To be able to associate me with these qualities that have such honour and pride in them. They make me feel like a good and deserving person.

It has been years I have tried to let go this part of my programming, but as I write about it, I can still feel it the exact way I had experienced it in my life over the decades. We have managed to pass that on to our children as well.

How do you relate to this? What if after the day has gone, you have done your best, there would still be something left in you? What if the value you based on yourself would not come from how hard you work? Here is a thought, what if you were already valuable before you did anything? What if just the sheer fact that you are born as a human being on this planet had all the value packed in it from the get-go? What if the pain you experience wasn't the measure of your success?

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