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My personal growth was ignited by my dad and Desiderata

As a little girl I heard Desiderata often.It was my parent's daily personal growth practice.  If you are not familiar with it or you want to refresh the memory of it.  Here is Desiderata to read or to listen. When trying to pinpoint the moment when I became consciously aware of spiritual, personal growth I cannot say when it happened, I was probably 12 or 13 years old, when my dad had conversations with me that I recall deep and profound. They blew my mind, rocked my world and made me feel like I had access to the world that not many knew. It was always in the realm of infinite possibility, the neverending pursuit of happiness and creating the life you want...

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Enough with the fear and overwhelm

We think we need to put ourselves through these intense emotions because we feel, that if we don't do it, nothing gets done and we will not move forward. So we do what we have learned so well. We use willpower and try to make ourselves move forward until our conscious mind finds some little detail, that gives us the perfect excuse to stop, and that my friend, is the recipe for self-abandonment and self-sabotage. The ideal method to become paralysed by fear.

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