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Release your Need for People to be a Certain Way

Since last spring, huge changes and shifts began to take place, and I was resisting in every way I could. It has been a massive year for me, and let me tell you this: It isn't over yet! At the beginning of November, we are starting a new phase in our family life. My husband accepted a job in Finland and will be living there during the weeks and flying back to the Netherlands for the weekends. It is the first time in our marriage (we did this as teenagers when we spent a year apart as exchange students) we are deliberately setting ourselves in the situation where we are apart every week - a whole week. I remember once...

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Sometimes, result aren't surges in sales, rather something FAR better!

Happy Monday! I came across this note I received from my client. I am sharing it hoping it reminds you, what is possible, when you open yourself up for a change. "There is something that happens to you when all of your struggles stop causing you pain and you receive the answers to your life questions. It is called transformation. Mari has a gift, which can release years of pain and suffering, put things into perspective and set your course ever so easily in the right direction. I wish I could tell the world to do this. It will change your life and put you on the path to love, happiness, fun, joy and all the things you desire. Don’t wait...

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Tormenting yourself with a question 'how to make money from home'?

I belong to a Facebook Group that has multiple ongoing questions about making money from home. I understand the problem entirely, and I feel it is very legitimate in regards to making money. However, when putting it into the context of moving forward with your life mission or discovering what it is your life purpose, there hardly is a worse question with what to torment yourself. So if you are in this predicament, it is time to release you from that thought and dig a bit deeper to figure out your next move. What you need now is clarity First, I want to tell you, that you are not alone with this issue and there will be a solution available...

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