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Over the years I have conducted Business Assessments for Entrepreneurs for free. The assessment takes about 30 minutes, and I have done so to hundreds of entrepreneurs. It has been one of the most rewarding and exciting things in my business for so many reasons, like for instance getting to speak to real people from all walks of life. They are entrepreneurs with actual companies and who help real people. But two reasons climb above the rest:

  1. I know exactly what entrepreneurs are going through. I see the patterns and issues they have and what they need. It gives me such clarity on what is actually going on with my clients. I learn what their problems tend to be, how these sticky situations get started and what happens after they go unaddressed for some time.
  2. The entrepreneurs learn the truth about their situation and gain clarity over what has them stuck and where to put their focus next. When you know exactly what the gap is between where you are and where you want to be, it allows you to figure out the next steps.

There is nothing like a good assessment to help you see where you are. Where you actually are, because that is where you have to begin - always.

I learned that from David Neagle, the business & success wizard, who helps entrepreneurs climb over the 7-figure mark.

He says along the lines of you have to start where you are - not where you think you are. You cannot get to a to b from somewhere you no longer are nor can you move forward from somewhere you have not yet been. It is impossible.

That is why so many of my coaching relationships begin by speaking the truth (with kindness and love always) and helping my client to bring acceptance to the situation.

As I was conducting these assessments, I began to see the patterns in the businesses, and the funny thing is I started to see my own patterns as well. See coaches are not exempt from their own baggage, quite contrary in fact. We go through situations in our lives, that allows us then to have insights about the client's situation.

These days when I get the filled assessment form in my hand, I see in a few minutes what is going on in the business. Most often it is about:

Lack of focus, sales or bravery or all of them and even more often it has lead to a lack of money, which has increased the stress levels which then, in turn, lead to lack of clients. And that causes more lacking focus, fewer sales and even less bravery and the downward spiral continues.

See, it is not rocket science. The assessment is about how that applies specifically to your business. Where your goals are and which unwanted behavioural patterns interfere with your days.

Coaching is there to help you to break the patterns and create new ones that support your success and life.

I remember being in that exact same situation when my coach asked me two questions, that changed the course of my life and I am now asking them from you. But before the questions do these two exercises first:

1. Start by taking a closer look at what is it that you really want to achieve with your business? What does your life purpose look like? What kind of vision do you have about your life and your future?

Now it is time to break out the crayons and allow your thoughts to start flying. Draw, write or paint all those things you wish to have in your life. They don't need to be exact drawings. They can be colours or symbols of what it is that you desire.

2. Then create a list of things you are willing to let go. These are things that no longer bring you joy. Next to each item on your list, figure out one tangible and feasible way how to let it go - how to get rid of it.

Everything around is one way or another created by you, and if you want to create something else, you have to do something differently.

Now it the time to answer the two questions that help you bring the change into your life right now:

1. In which ways do you need to become different - meaning how do you need to change, that the vision you have for yourself can become a reality?

Give yourself time to answer this question. Are you surprised by your answer?

Now the question number two:

2. What can you do right now, that the dreams you have for yourself are one step closer?

Everyone can do something right now.

Key to success is then to go and do it.

I have added time slots in my calendar for the free Business Assessments, so if that seems like a solid, good next step you can book your appointment here.

Cannot wait to get to know you better.

Much love,


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